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Bagging Machine Sublidecor US Weld 700

 Made out of Special Heavy Anodized Aluminium Profiles, mounted by special strong fittings, no Electro welded parts. Original Design.
It consists of:
- 1 flat table 1 meter wide and 8 meters long, placed in parallel with one guiding Rail  for the  welding Head, 7 meters long together with the aspirating tubes placed in  parallel and aside the rail, flash with the table surface,
- the Ultrasonic Generator in its case under the table,
- the vacuum rotary pump placed also under the table,
- the control panelboard and operation control one at the one extremity of the table.
Ultrasonic generator air conditioned as a whole in a special insulated enclosure.
One of the 2 operators is sending to the other the slated narrow roll over each one of the  tables and they both place it over the inner series of aspirating holes at its edge.
Then, they place the aluminium profile over it in a convenient way, and they fold the plastic film over the profile to the outer series of aspirating holes.
This way the bag is formatted and the Welding Head starts travelling over the overlapped 2 thickness welding them and forming this way a bag containing the Aluminium Profile.

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