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Machine for the application of the protection adhesive tape on the aluminium profiles

It applies the protection tape on the aluminium profiles passing one after the other in line at speeds of 10 to 60 meters per minute. 
Possibility of simultaneous application on 2, 3, or even 4 sides of the profiles.
High endurance rubber sponge rollers are ensuring the tape application even when the profile surface is curved.
Maximum width of profiles 300 mm and maximum section height 200 mm
2 driving pairs of vulcanized and rectified rollers of independent drive ensure the in-feed and exit of the taped profiles in controlled independent way.
In between the tapes are cut by an original mechanical shear of double action.
The gap between the profiles in and out is sensed by mechanical sensors, but the main control is done by the length measurement is done by electronic measurement of the profiles advancement.
The protection tape rolls are posed on the machine by simple and quick way: the 2 vertical ones been held from their perimeter 

Electrical control panel with screen for input of the main operation parameters.

PLC Siemens and other well reputed electronic and electrical components.

PTA-300-IMAGE 025
PTA-300-IMAGE 029
PTA300-IMAGE 018

Total installed power 1,5 kw and production capacity up 3 ton/of aluminium profiles per hour