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News October 2019

We recently had an interest from an investor in Kuwait for an investment on our PARNIS project.
A presentation in French and English languages you find in the links below:
Hereblow is an economic feasibility approach for this investment:

PARNIS, Mountain Accommodation and Hiking Center

Executive summary. Description of the business’s purpose.
At Thrakomakedones a suburb of Athens, Greece at the flanks of Parnitha Mountain at 27 km from Athens center.
The street address is 3, Imathias street, Thrakomakedones, 13676 Greece.

A) Personnel needs for the PARNIS Center:
1 caretaker mainly for the external space of an approx. 800 sq. meters including the swimming pool.
1 cleaning lady for the internal space of the 6 houses
1 sales secretary,
This will be the Tourism business management staff working at an office in the basement dug into the slope below the first house at the façade. This will be also the reference point for the caretaker and the cleaning lady.
The sales secretary will take care of the marketing plan including promotion with the internet in various search machines worldwide, Google for the West, Yandex for Russia and others for China and South East Asia. The sales secretary will take care also of the connections with Airbnb and the like.

B) Marketing Plan:
It is based on the following considerations: Athens has approx. 5 million foreign visitors per year as it is indicated at https://news.gtp.gr/2018/10/08/athens-expects-record-5-5-million-tourists-2018/
Per example approx 20% of the British people like hiking see at: http://www.walkingandhiking.co.uk/how-popular-hiking.html This could be taken as an approximation for the foreign visitors of Athens too. With a good international promotion of the PARNIS project, this percentage could easily be improved.
It means that 1 million of the foreign visitors of Athens per year could be our clients. PARNIS capacity at this first stage could only be 8.760 bed-days or serve 3.000 persons for an average stay of 3 days each.
It means that out the 1 million people, PARNIS at this first stage could only serve 3.000 !

C) There is no risk by any competition because in our case PARNIS could absorb only a small fraction of the expected demand. Imitating the PARNIS idea by others it would rather help the PARNIS business. Thrakomakedones suburb is anyway the best place to start hiking trails to the Parnitha Mountain.

D) The financial projection:

There are 12 double bed rooms and a moderate price to rent per day is 50 EUR per room per day.
With occupancy of only 50% it means a gross income of 109.500 EUR per year or 2.106 gross income per week.
With the help of a platform of Airbnb which is for 8 double rooms maximum and if we extrapolate for 12 rooms as in our case, we get 1.284 net income (856 EUR for 8 rooms).



With only 50 EUR per room per day the gross income is 2.100 EUR per week (simple mathematics).
Airbnb for the same address in Thrakomakedones and without considering the attraction of hiking, just the stay at this Athens suburb, is calculating 1.284 EUR per week net income for a private owner of 6 houses like PARNIS (with their commission and other expenses subtracted).
For an investment of 750.000 EUR it means 9% performance of the capital invested. This is based on Airbnb calculation platform and is for private house owners meaning that value added tax VAT is charged to the private.
On the contrary, in our case the VAT will be for the investor’s company and therefore will not produce cost as for companies is amortized.
With a good marketing the occupancy could be easily be improved and therefore the capital’s performance too which easily could exceed 10%.


hec news 201910 cost

E) Tourism business summary:
The investor should establish a company which would be the owner of the property with the six houses of Finish style destined to serve a market niche which is still yet unexploitable and promising a big expansion.

F) Products and/or services the Parnis Center will provide:
Accommodation of short period like 3 to 7 days for hikers and mountaineers at nice houses in harmony with the forest environment. The PARNIS Center is projected to be already on mountain path trails at an altitude of 530 meters and therefore will inspire the hikers
Professional guiders for the trails to follow depending on the various many destinations at Parnitha Mountain, each one with its own degree of difficulty. This will be available to the hikers as an extra service. Different Refuges at altitudes more than 1.000 meters altitude like MPAFI and FLAMBOURI await the hikers at the Mountain with restoration facilities.
Professional mountaineering teachers are also available for those who wish to take climbing training (extra service too).
Each house will have kitchen facilities for breakfast and meal preparation by the clients who could also choose delivery service from nearby restaurants of the city. PARNIS is located in the suburb city of Thrakomakedones. A bus stop is located at 100 meters from PARNIS. Thrakomakedones suburb central square is 2 to 3 Km away with community facilities, a supermarket, small Department Store, Telecommunication center, Police station, Coffee shops and restaurants.

G) Analysis of the market. Information about the target market and our competition.
To consider only that there are 5,5 million foreign visitors of Athens per year.
20% of them are estimated to be familiar with hiking and mountaineering.
We should also consider that in Athens area living more than 4 million Greek people too and between them a 10% could be surely familiar with hiking.
Half of this 10% would spend a few days per year at PARNIS Center.
So we have a total of 1,2 million potential clients for PARNIS.
Out the 1,2 million people, PARNIS could only serve 3.000 as we have indicated before in paragraph B.
3.000 is only a small proportion of the market’s potential.
Therefore with a good marketing the occupancy could be much more than 50%.
As far as the competition is concerned, any spread and imitation of our basic business idea by others would lead in creating a better market for PARNIS. So we do not see any competition problem for the next few decades.

H) Tourism business strategy.
Our Hellenic Engineers Cooperative will make a business proposal to the investor for the PARNIS Center maintenance, the planning and running the tourist business, the marketing and pricing of PARNIS services.
In this case the personnel mentioned in paragraph A will be hired by the Cooperative and not by the investor. This way the investor will not have to take care of the day to day business and a minimum of 10% annual performance of his investment will be achievable.
Coordinator of the 6th Welfare Sector

News September 2019

Taping machine for sheets and plates model PTA155x600 el

Motorized semi-automatic Protection tape application machine for steel, aluminium or other sheets, up to 1550 mm wide and 6000 mm long one side at a time.

3D layout by Stavros final


Linear belt actuators are shown schematically on the above sketch as AB and BC.

Each one of the linear actuators in 3d drawing will be as the one below by the manufacturer ITEM:



The Tape support and tape application travelling unit is composed by the 2 plates of yellow produced by laser cutting of 10 mm thick steel plates.

The top view layout including the free roller tables for the loading of the aluminium sheets is as below:

There will be SICK type photocell security curtains 7 m long both sides of the table.
In case an operator, helper or any person is approaching while the application unit is moving, the curtain is intercepting them and the movement is stopped until the person is away again.


There will also be a precaution of a 2 mm short height polyethylene guide to facilitate the positioning of the loaded aluminium sheets.
A similar facility will be at the left end of the table too at the width of 1.550 mm
The aluminium sheets of various sizes are loaded always in a way that 2 of the 4 sides are guided by the polyethylene strips of the table borders.
The operator selects on the operation panel the length of the sheet to tape.
Then the operator is attaching at the left side of the table(*) the loose adhesive tape which comes hanged from the tape roll as it was cut in the previous taped sheet.
Immediately after he pushes the extra start button placed near this point and the taping starts at p.e. 10 m/min speed. When the taping unit has been moved at the pre-selected distance equal to sheet’s length, the taping unit stops for the operator to cut the tape by the special knife guided by the sheet itself. He then pushes the nearby return button and the taping unit returns at his start point at a preselected high speed of p.e. 20 m/min.
There are 2 return buttons placed at 3.000 mm from the start point and at 5.500 mm near the other end in length of the table.
The taped sheet is unloaded by the operator or his helper or both, depending on the sheet’s size and the cycle restarts for the next sheet to tape.
(*): left, looking to the layout

Our supply includes:

  • One tape application table equipped as above and visualized by the 3D drawing above including the tape application unit driven by 2 linear belt actuators motorized
  • The electric motor reducer driving the 2 linear belt actuators by a common shaft at exactly the same speed placed at the left end of the main table.
  • Two free roller tables 500 mm wide and 6.000 mm long for the loading operation of the sheets
  • The electric plant including an operation panel on an electric cubicle including the PLC, 2 inverters and the rest of necessary switches, cabling and various necessary electric parts
  • 1 extra start button at the left of the main table and 2 return buttons in intermediate positions as described before.
  • 2 emergency alarm stop buttons placed adequately
  • I security photocell system made by SICK for avoiding the moving taping unit to hit any people moving around the plant.
  • One operation manual describing EN regulations with CE conformity declarations

News March 2019

1st Sector of Industrial Equipment

Study of the automatic aluminum rods handling line for factories with vertical electrostatic paint powder coating for aluminum profile rods.
Below, the general layout of the line of automatic handling of the rods from the exit of the vertical powder coating at the point where the operator A stands, through the automatic buffer and D operator position, reaches the C and B operators who receive the rods one at a time and place them into the wrapping installation including the already installed buffer (in blue colour at the drawing).

hec nea martios19a

Productivity up to 8 rods per minute. Cross section size of the rods from 20x20 mm to 200x200 mm, and length from 4 to 7 meters.

Here the main machine https://www.hellenic-engineers-cooperative.com/sectors/industrial-equipment/pta-machines/pta-300-auto

News February 2019

Our admission at Mountains Partnership

We have been appointed members of the Mountain Prtnership, an association of FAO organization of UN
Below the text of our acceptance as members

Rome, 20 February 2019

Dear Mr Vamvakousis,
We are very pleased to welcome the Hellenic Engineers Cooperative as a member of the Mountain Partnership. We look forward to working together with the common goal of achieving sustainable mountain development around the world. We encourage the exchange of knowledge, information, expertise and resources among our global membership, and to that end invite you to propose and take part in initiatives that improve the quality of life and sustain healthy environments in the world’s mountain regions. We are confident that the Hellenic Engineers Cooperative will not only benefit from what the Partnership has to offer, but will also contribute significantly to realizing our agreed upon objectives and vision.
Please be reminded that membership is for four years, after which it may be renewed. Your membership will expire in February 2023.
We encourage you to visit the Mountain Partnership website for news, events and information about the activities and members of the Mountain Partnership.
We appreciate the commitment, energy and broad experience that the Hellenic Engineers Cooperative will bring to this international alliance.
Yuka Makino
Mountain Partnership Secretariat

Mountain Partnership Secretariat - Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations
Viale delle Terme di Caracalla - 00153 Rome, Italy
Fax: +39 06 5705-5137. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Web site: www.mountainpartnership.org



News January 2019

We are involved in the design and promotion worldwide of the project of

PARNIS, Mountain Accommodation and Hiking Center

Mountain hikers support the Center at 3 Imathias street in Thrakomakedones, a suburb of Athens 27 km from the center at a point where many mountain footpaths start. The point is located at the upper boundary of the suburb, at 510/560 meters above sea level.

● The Center offers accommodation for Greek and foreign people, climbers and hikers in houses built with Finnish-style tree trunks, for hire by the Airbnb system or other.

● Childcare services and facilitators for children aged 2 to 7 and elderly people who could not follow the walkers to mountain hikes.

● Guide services for mountaineers / hikers at a price of 35 euros per hiker, guide and itinerary lasting from 5 to 7 hours round trip.

For groups of more than 8 people and by safety rules, more guides are needed.

● Training services on climbing rope with possibility of renting personal climbing equipment.

● Identification services for wild herbs and grasses in abundance inside and outside the plot.

● Botanical Garden

● Outdoor amphitheater on rocks shaped for 30 people next to the pool for collective use.

● Economic accommodation prices. Availability 12 months all year round.


An initial approach for the 6 wood trunk houses
An initial approach for the 6 wood trunk houses


The ground nature of the plot and the bases to receive the houses
The ground nature of the plot and the bases to receive the houses


Final arrangement for the staircases and the swimming pool (footpath at the left side wll exist too for the hikers' pleasure)
Final arrangement for the staircases and the swimming pool (footpath at the left side wll exist too for the hikers' pleasure)

If you need a hiking guide even before the end of the construction work on the cottages in the resort, please contact us to arrange it.

Taste the joys of nature, you deserve it!

 The first two houses (staircases and footpaths not seen here)
The first two houses (staircases and footpaths not seen here)
Wood trunk houses details 1st and 2nd floor, suitable for 2 couples or 4 persons
Wood trunk houses details 1st and 2nd floor, suitable for 2 couples or 4 persons
Vidéo presentation of the station at Youtube : https://youtu.be/gqt1OjlEOMg
coordinator George and the member Nikos at 3, rue Imathias at an altitude of 520 mètres. Àt 50 metres from the bus stop leading to Athens through Acahrnes suburb nearby
Construction of the façade by traditional stone construction (October 2018)
View satellite. The orange line shows one of the hikers footpaths

View satellite. The orange line shows one of the hikers footpaths  
For those who are interested in supporting our project against a compensation / gift, we have opened a PayPal account offering an exchange to your contribution by the DONATE button in the right column of our page https://hellenicengineerscooptee.blogspot.com/

There you click DONATE and put an amount against the Perks below, in favor of the creation of the Mount Parnes housing and hiking center by our non-profit social benefit’s cooperative.


There you choose the amount you wish and if it correspods to a countergift or Perk please indicate your email too, so we could contact you for arranging the shipment of your countergift or Perk to your address internationally.

(Alternatively, you can have them directly after our coordinator tel 6970 360025 and email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


Perk / Compensation / countergift 1: For your contribution of 35 €:

One guide for a hike of one person lasting up to 6 hours round trip on the trail for MPAFI or FLABOURI, from the Mountain Center PARNIS. Availability for weekends. A quantity of 10 Compensations / gifts is available.

See the destinations websites:https://www.flabouri.gr and https://www.mpafi.gr

Perk / Compensation / countergift 1a: For your contribution of 70 €:

One guide for a hike of one couple of persons lasting up to 6 hours round trip on the trail for MPAFI or FLABOURI, from the Mountain Center PARNIS. Availability for weekends. A quantity of 10 Compensations / gifts is available.

See the destinations websites: https://www.flabouri.gr and https://www.mpafi.gr

Video presentation of our hiking station on Youtube: https://youtu.be/gqt1OjlEOMg

Perk / Compensation / countergift 2: For your contribution 200 €:

A 3-dimensional architectural photorealistic decoration in A3 format of the Center Alpiniste in its final form. A work of our member the architect and painter Stavros Vidalis. This includes the landscaped paths and the points of meditation and enjoyment of the panoramic view you have of the PARNIS towards the whole basin, from Piraeus to Elliniko, Mount Ymittos and Mount Penteli.

Perk / Compensation / countergift 3: For your contribution of 620 €:

Accommodation for one week in a luxury apartment for a couple of people, B / B, plus the hiking guide for 2 days of the week stay. With the guarantee of Airbnb. The accomodation is at an appartment 15 minutes walking time from the Center. After the Center's building is finished, accomodation will be at the Center.

Perk / Compensation / countergift 4: For your contribution of 2 000 €:

A Painting by Stavros Vidalis, the choice of a proposal of 5 tables, measuring approximately 1 x 1.5 m. Examples of his work onhttp://vidalisart.blogspot.gr

There are 5 paintings available.

Link: https://www.saatchiart.com/account/artworks/1138026

So at a discount of almost 45% on the price of the gallery SAATCHIART.


Perk / Compensation / countergift 5: For your contribution of 600 euros, you will have:

An approved non-destructive testing services of the existing building that interests you (at home) to measure the reliability of the index of the carrier agent (columns, beams, slabs of reinforced concrete). The qualified structural engineers who are members of our operational group have over 20 years of experience in the fields of testing, repair, rehabilitation, construction reinforcement after an earthquake, fire, erosion, sedimentation. and others. It will follow a technical report on the evaluation of the results of the surveys as well as very specific advice-recommendations-proposals for the improvement and rehabilitation

Application of the technique GUNITE for fissures correction of a swimming pool

In case your building to be tested is not in Athens area, trip expenses for our engineer and accomodation costs should apply at your cost.

Other Perks / countergifts could be provided on demand

Typical Finish type wood trunks house (at the Center will be bigger 2 floor houses)
Earthworks at the plot of the Center at 3 Imathias street, Thrakomakedones suburb (October 2018)